Bogdan Szabo

Software Craftsman @ Altom

Bogdan Szabo had a first contact with a computer before learning to write. It was a Commodore C64 and since then, he's fascinated by what one can achieve with a keyboard and a monitor. As a skilled programmer, he implemented servers, web services, desktop and mobile applications. His focus is to write code that is testable. He has experience in several languages like C / C ++, Java, D, JavaScript, Swift and PHP. He works at Altom, and one of his roles there is to help his colleagues improve their programming and technical skills. To do that, he organizes internal workshops and presentations on various technical topics. In the past, he organized coding katas, where he presented how to write unit tests using TDD and BDD approaches and facilitated coding dojos to help his colleagues learn how to program using TDD. Check out his github profile: for more details.