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Siemens Conference space

19th November, 10:30-11:00

Fashion is a form of self-expression, as people associate themselves with what they wear. Most of the time, customers have some kind of vague mental picture of what they are looking for, hence their endless window shopping or browsing through online shops in the hope of finding the perfect piece of garment for them.

The problem is that the online fashion market is highly fragmented, literally flooded with hundreds of thousands of different models, colors, patterns, fabrics and qualities. Our market research found that customers love to have many options, but paradoxically they are also frustrated by this huge diversity of supply. It becomes physically impossible to explore it all and find the best match to their desires.

But technology can help with that. So we bring zimilar.ro - a sophisticated fashion search engine, which currently aggregates most of online shops in Romania, but with the capability to scale internationally. In a single interface the clients are invited to search similar products starting from an image they can upload or from a description in words. They can further refine their search until the results are very close visually to what they were looking for. When the customer has decided, one click on the “buy” button directs them to the retailer selling that specific product, while we collect an affiliate commission.

We believe that visual and natural language search will become the standard gateway of online shopping for fashion, providing value to customers by saving hours of unnecessary browsing.

Tudor Lăpușan


I'm passionate about bigdata technologies, especially Apache Hadoop. I heard for the first time about Apache Hadoop when I was at my master courses and from that time I was fascinated about bigdata world. My first big professional success was when I introduced the Apache Hadoop technology into the company I'm working for, skobbler, in 2012. From that time I'm working as a full time devops on bigdata projects. My current work involve to well manage and maintain the Hadoop and Hbase in-house clusters. From this passion, I have initiated a bigdata/data science community in my town, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with the goals of meeting new passionate people, working together on cool projects and helping IT companies to adopt BigData technologies. Until now we had many meetups and workshops with many participants.