Why examine your testing skills?

ImpactHub - open space

18th November, 17:00-18:00

This session evolved from some personal experiments I did in order to understand how I can evaluate my testing work, and get a direction for improvement. The main question I wanted to answer was how to uncover testing skills by reflecting on my problem-solving process. As these experiments evolved into a workshop, I got the chance to observe how others look at their testing skills and what their challenges are. I will share with you what I’ve learned so far, how it has shaped my work process, and what guidelines you can try out to help you in your own skills discovery and tracking process. We’ll tackle questions like “How can you incorporate reflection in your testing work?”, “What are some ways to become more aware of our testing skills?”, and “How can all this be useful in our work activities?”

Alexandra Casapu


Alexandra Casapu does software testing at Altom. The environment she works in has facilitated her learning about the importance of context in testing, the exploratory approach, and caring a great deal about improving her testing skills. Alexandra held presentations and workshops at conferences as Eurostar, CAST, Copenhagen Context, Let’s Test, TestBash Brighton and European Testing Conference. In 2014 she became an instructor for the commercial version of the BBST courses, enjoying the great experience of going in depth with valuable learning material and having more interactions with fellow testers. Her current interest is at the interface of hands-on testing and practiced reflection on testing activities.