Hands on lab

Virtual Reality (VR)

ImpactHub - open space

19th November, 11:30-12:30

Robert Mureșan


He is a game designer and programmer, founder of exosyphen studios. His works include the popular Hacker Evolution games. Besides games, he sometimes engages into fun and innovative projects:

  • Porting Quake to a mobile phone in 2003, to everyone’s amazement.
  • A mobile social network which allowed people to find out and share their location using mobile cell towers, in 2004
  • Building WiFiSpeed which was the most popular web app on Apple’s website, before the App Store was introduced.
  • Programming one of the first mobile antiviruses in early 2006 (exoVirusStop).

His most recent project is DailyIndieGame, a website oriented at selling discounted games and bundles, launched over a year ago. It had a spectacular growth, now delivering aprox. 250.000 game licenses monthly and having served over 1.000.000 gamers. Robert is also currently developing the next Hacker Evolution game and a new immersive fantasy action game oriented at giving the ultimate VR experience.