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Vector Watch - Continuing the innovation after one year on the market

Siemens Conference space

18th November, 12:00-12:30

Over the last year our team focused on developing our platform and building a strong community of users, brand ambassadors and second party developers. Thanks to our talented software and product teams we manage to launch new interesting and personalized streams and faces in our in-app Vector Watch Store. One of the most important accomplishment was the partnership between Vector and BMW i for creating the Vector Luna BMW i Limited Edition Smartwatch, based on the common values of both companies: efficiency, usability, intelligence.

Carp Tatiana

Vector Watch

I have a background as interior and product designer, but i always had interest in new technology and how they influence our day to day life. So the fact that i started working in a technology start-up had come like a natural choice. For me the experience in Vector is equal with 10 years of working for big companies, because you have the chance to learn everything about a product,from prototyping to mass production in factory and how to sell successfully worldwide.