Overcoming the Technical Doubt in Automation Testing

ImpactHub - open space

18th November, 12:30-13:00

Is our project mature enough from a technical point of view? Do we need to plan ahead to have a good technical start? Does the process matter and does it interfere with our technical decisions? Although automation testing is a trade-off between budget, time and quality; one of the most rewarding skills for a QA is the technical one. Improving and getting better at a technical level can lead to overcome our day to day technical doubt in the automation projects that we work on.

Alexandra Nagy

3Pillar Global

A passionate automation engineer with interests focused on load testing processes and automation testing. In 2015 she has written an article with prof. George Sebastian Chis entitled "Sensitivity Analysis and Patterns Implementation on Load Testing Software System" published in Journal of Software and presented at ICSCT 2015 conference in Dubai. In 2016 she was a speaker at Romanian Testing Conference and at CodeCamp/Cluj.