Next Generation Healthcare through Medical Imaging

Siemens Conference space

19th November, 16:00-17:00

The medical community worldwide agrees that medical imaging has transformed patient care, and thus the practice of medicine. Early stage diagnosis, enabled by the recent developments in medical imaging area, is the key factor in improving the patient treatment and thus avoiding unnecessary procedures. Siemens is leading the advancements in Healthcare having innovative solutions in all existing medical imaging modalities. All medical products are aiming towards: Speed, Precision and No Repetition.
In this presentation I will go over the most recent products released to market as long as the technical difficulties behind their implementation.

Alexandru Itu


In the past 6 years I have been working with Siemens CT in the field of Medical Imaging. Before Siemens my activity somehow revolved around Imaging and Computer Vision either as a software engineer in various companies or as a PhD student. Aside from the Imaging field I’m a tech junkie and I’ve always tried to be up to date in terms of Software Engineering. In the past year I have been exploring the Cloud and got really excited about the potential for this technology in the context of Imaging. On a more personal level I’m a very active person. I can say that I’m addicted to trail-running and I spend a lot of my time running in the mountains and at mountain marathons.