ImpactHub - workshop room 2

18th November, 09:30-18:00

In this all-day workshop Peter Lawrey, an innovative Java developer who has the most Java answers on Stackoverflow, will guide you through selected aspects of modern Java development. You’ll gain deeper insight into how the JVM really works.

This workshop is intended for experienced Java developers who want to know their core platform better and to be inspired by unique views on the technologies they use regularly. If you are a seasoned Java developer, this workshop steered by Peter Lawrey will help you step up your Java fitness.

How does the JVM really work?

  • How does floating point work?
  • How do references work?
  • How many objects really get created and when will the GC clean up my objects?
  • Profiling with Flight Recorder.
How does off heap work?
  • How can we allocate large regions of memory with little GC impact.
  • How can we persist this data for fast restart?
  • How can we share memory between JVM?

Peter Lawrey

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Peter Lawrey likes to inspire developers to improve the craftmanship of their solutions, engineer their systems for simplicity and performance, and enjoy their work more by being creative and innovative. He has a popular blog “Vanilla Java” which gets 120K page views per months, is 3rd on StackOverflow.com for [Java] and 2nd for [concurrency], and is lead developer of the OpenHFT project which includes support for off heap memory, thread pinning and low latency persistence and IPC (as low as 100 nano-seconds)

Price: 250 euro + TVA