Integration of Selenium WebDriver with Sikuli

ImpactHub - open space

18th November, 15:00-15:30

Any automation tester that is working with Selenium WebDriver is facing different issues like the impossibility to automate websites that have flash or any other technology that cannot be handle with Selenium. A very simple solution for these problems is the Sikuli. Sikuli is an image-based open source tool used to automate GUI that can be used on any platform like Windows/Linux/Mac/Mobile. Based on this, I will present how we can integrate Sikuli with Selenium WebDriver and how we can apply page factory pattern.

Gabriel Fericean


Gabriel has 8 years’ experience working on automation testing. During this period he worked on different projects with all kinds of tools and technologies like QTP/UFT, Selenium, CodedUI, Apium, Jmeter or SoapUI. He is an expert on building automation frameworks for different testing fields like API testing, UI testing or mobile testing.