Products & Leadership

Fostering creativity within development organizations

Siemens Conference space

18th November, 11:30-12:00

In ever increasing competitive environments differentiation; taking a different, potentially even an unique approach, might be a game changer. Within the process of designing and coding software there are various possibilities to be creative and apply the concepts of lateral thinking. Lateral thinking is for changing concepts and perceptions. If directly asked, the majority of people would not see themselves as creative persons, but they have the potential to learn. Within our presentation, we would like to demonstrate on a real-life example how employees can improve, if enabled rightfully and allowed for creative approach.

Iulia Bucur

Flow Traders

Iulia is a passionate software engineer working with Flow Traders for the last 5 years. She enjoys taking the most out of the environment she works in, as well as constantly finding ways of improving her work results.

Christopher Lederer

Flow Traders

With more than 18 years of experience within the electronic trading domain, Christopher has a proven track record with exchange trading software development and management. He is passionate about organizational structures and processes as well as employee development. He has been leading various international development teams in Germany, Asia Pacific and the Netherlands.