Software Architecture

.NET + Open Source = Love

ImpactHub - open space

19th November, 12:00-12:30

Microsoft, the company which once waged "open" war against both Linux and the Open Source movement, has transformed into a supporter, contributor and open player. What made Microsoft shift its strategy in such a way? What does it mean for us, .NET Developers, that most of the .NET Stack & tooling around it is now free, open source or both? What if Microsoft did not switch direction? After 20 years of work with Microsoft technologies, some of which are long gone by now, it now feels like the best time of all times to be a .NET Developer.

Sergiu Damian


Sergiu Damian is an experienced Software Architect with a deep understanding of software design, development practices and processes, and team dynamics. After 13 years spent in various roles in outsourcing, he chose to be an independent Software Architect, working with various companies and teams on reaching their goals. He is also active in IT communities, mentoring students and teaching on Software Architecture.