Business & Management

Agile & Inverted U Curve

Siemens Conference space

19th November, 14:00-15:00

A wise approach when we want to adopt a new methodology, technology or simply a new practice in a project team, is to identify and compare in advance the advantages and disadvantages of its use. Every time such analysis shall be carried out taking into account the context in which it will be adopted. “Which are the benefits of implementing the practice X in my team?”, “What are the main risks for my project in the conditions of implementing the methodology Y?”, “Which is the learning curve of the technology Z and how will it impact the deadlines?” - these are just a few examples of questions we ask ourselves (together with our team) prior to taking a decision. The unexpected trap of this process is that we usually try to fully benefit of the advantages of the methodology/technology/practice we implement and most of the time we exaggerate in this respect. The Yerkes-Dosdon law (also known as “Inverted U Curve theory”) gives an interesting perspective in approaching all these practices.

Dan Suciu

3Pillar Global

Director of Technical Training at 3Pillar Global and lecturer at Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, UBB, his fields of interest including databases, object oriented modeling and software projects management. Very passionate about animated movies and video games.